BBC Newsnight

You can watch Natalie’s appearance on Newsnight on 5th February here:

You can find useful information and places to access help if anything in the video has concerned you by CLICKING HERE.


2 thoughts on “BBC Newsnight”

  1. I admit I was amused by the other person’s concession that hardcore porn can be harmful (to boys) in what it normalizes. Do they not know that books tend to be “women’s porn” more often than video? Not to say women don’t watch porn but I know it is seen as normal for a woman to read it in the same way it’s expected that men are watching it. Perhaps it’s different outside Canada or my experiences.

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  2. What I found funny was she said that none would copy 50shades, but many are trying to, and there have been a number of arrests due to rape and it being nonconsentual or severely harming the other


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