Dear Christian… (from Natalie)

Happy Friday everyone!  Or indeed, happy whatever day it happens to be when you read this…

Throughout March, we’ve been posting letters to Ana and/or Christian from Fifty Shades, with the aim of giving you all a chance to have your voices and opinions heard.  Today, we’re sharing a letter from @50shadesabuse founder, Natalie, who addresses Christian himself…

“Dear Christian,

You don’t fool me. Your money and good looks may hide the truth from some; may provide a mask of respectability for you to hide behind. But I see you. A hunger for power and control that leaks from every pore. Your creator may be convinced your behaviour is about sexual fantasy, about sexual pleasure. I know that’s not true. Your control and domination isn’t found in the bedroom or in the pleasure of those you dominate. It’s rooted in your beliefs.

Sexual dominants don’t look for naïve, innocent virgins and try to coerce them into signing a contract of pain. They don’t prevent them having space to think about choices. They don’t keep files on their partner without permission. They want a partner who is equally as interested in kinky sex as they are. You are not a dominant. You’re an abuser.

Then there’s your justification of your abuse of women. I don’t use the term abuse with any exaggeration or without full understanding of its meaning. Your mother’s treatment of you isn’t a reason for treating someone disrespectfully. It’s a reason to choose to live differently.

Also, I would suggest you sack your therapist Dr Flynn. His collusion with your abusive behaviours is doing you no favours. Therapy won’t help you. Therapy keeps the focus on your feelings and other people’s action. What you need is to focus on your actions and other people’s feelings. Your behaviour is rooted in beliefs of ownership and entitlement. You believe that women are there to be your possessions. They are not equals to be trusted and treated with respect. They are objects to provide you with pleasure.

Your money and good looks may fool some Mr Grey, but they don’t fool me. You’re an abuser through and through.


A Concerned Reader.”


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