With the film release so close, we thought it would be handy to have a printable PDF on our site, which you can download and hand out at cinemas or put up anywhere you feel is appropriate (and legal!).  So if you visit our home page (http://50shadesisdomesticabuse.webs.com/), you’ll find a link to download the leaflet.  Let’s keep showing the world that Fifty Shades is not a love story!

In other news, the fabulous author, Jenny Trout, had a brilliant idea, regarding Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Fifty Shades fan-fiction contest.  They want short stories, using the hashtag #CosmoFiftyShades to be uploaded onto WattPad – the stories have to be about Fifty Shades in some way, hence “fan-fiction,” but Jenny suggested we upload stories that show that the books romanticise abuse!  There are plenty of stories already uploaded.  Here’s a link to the original Cosmo entry, with details of how to get involved following after the story.  http://www.wattpad.com/97680359-imagine-you%27re-in-christian-grey%27s-bedrooom/page/2

Let’s get involved – be as creative as you like!  The more stories Cosmo receives, which focus on abuse, not love, the louder our message will be!


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